Hi¬†ūüĎč I am Soumya (pronounced: saw-mia) and here's my story:

I am a User Experience designer with a background in science and arts. I studied chemistry during my undergraduate studies at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, where I was introduced to design through my involvement with the fine arts and design organization. I soon realized my true passion lies in UX design as it has a perfect combination of creativity and analytical thinking. 

I started working as a UX designer in 2014. I worked with TinyOwl, Livspace.com, and Genospace on several web and mobile applications in cross-functional teams leading UX design efforts and growing as a UX designer. I came to Georgia Tech to learn from the experts in the field and strengthen my foundations in UX research and design. I am graduating in May 2020 and am currently looking for the right place to start the next phase of my career.

My approach to design is a user-centered approach, studying HCI at Georgia Tech has helped me obtain the skills and tools required. My biggest strengths are always staying curious, thinking about the user, and having a problem solving mindset. I thrive in a collaborative environment where everyone is passionate about solving problems towards a bigger vision. 

// Fun fact: I lived in 10 cities (3 countries) and speak 4 languages (this might have highly influenced my empathetic side).

As a designer I am always learning and growing. To stay updated and inspired, I listen to podcasts and read articles online. My go-to podcasts include the following: Design Details , 99% Invisible, Product Breakfast Club and UI Breakfast. My reading list includes Nielsen Norman Group, UX Collective, UX Magazine, Luke Wroblewski's blog and endless articles on Medium.

When I am not working, you will find me staring at my plants, doodling, painting, or trying a new craft. I love watching videos by Vox, CrashCourse and Kurzgesagt, and pondering about the meaning of life. 
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